Masquerade was formed in September 1993, when the well known street act Spire and Steel split up. Dave a former member of Spire and Steel enlisted the help of wife Sue to form Masquerade. Dave's idea for the act was to produce a show which could be altered and changed to fit any type of audience or venue, from Street and Gala shows to stage performances.

In recent years they have revamped the show putting in more illusions which they have become famous for, specialising in traditional Victorian to modern day illusions.

They have a large repertoire of tricks and illusions, to choose from, as well as feats of skills, such as fire eating which Dave has become an expert at and can perform eating and blowing of flames. Dave is also well known for walking and lying on a bed of broken glass with a member of the public standing on his chest, one of their most difficult and dangerous stunts.

  Over the years they have became well known for performing some of Houdini's famous escapes such as the chain escape in which Dave is locked up in 40ft of chain, 9 padlocks, handcuffs and leg irons and placed in a mail sack by a member of the public, where he will attempt to escape in under 3 minutes. Dave also performs Houdini's strait jacket escape which is always a great crowd pleaser.

They usually finish each show with one of their large Cabinet illusions, such as the divided lady in which Sue is cut in half, or Interlude Illusion. They also perform a rather slick version of Houdini's metamorphosis, in which Dave is tied in a sack and placed in small wooden trunk and Sue stands on the top, lifts the curtain and within 3 seconds they have changed places, this illusion usually leaves the audience speechless.  

As well as performing legendary illusions they also perform some of the most modern such as the newest version of sawing a lady in half  which uses the latest Black and Decker jigsaw. They are also one of the few acts in the country to perform the mirage miracle, one of the latest American illusions, which is an updated version of the Zig Zag lady, in which Sue climbs in to a small wooden cabinet sitting on a table. Two large hexagonal tubes are pushed through the cabinet and a steel blade inserted in the middle, the bottom section of the cabinet is then pushed out. Also this year they will be proud to perform the famous Chung Ling Soo, 'Origami illusion'.  This classic illusion is one not to be missed.

Masquerade are currently looking for bookings for the forthcoming year. If you wish to know more please don't hesitate to get in touch at Masquerade