It all began in Autumn 1983 at a party in Shropshire, when Dave (already a fire eater) was performing on the lawn, while everyone stood and watched, and one man stepped forward and joined him, this was the first time that Dave & Chris had actually met, before the night was out, they had agreed to perform at the Bridgnorth Festival the following year.

 In the morning when they had both sobered up they realised, they had better find an act.  They decided that for a one off performance they would try and re-create the Dynamite illusion, one of the most dangerous tricks and seldom performed.  After much practice and experimentation they developed the trick, but the act still  needed a name.  Chris quickly remedied the problem by taking the trademarks from their home towns. Dave from Chesterfield the ‘Spire’ Town and Chris from Sheffield the ‘Steel’ City.

After their performance in Bridgnorth the bookings came rolling in and it was decided to make ‘Spire & Steel’ a permanent act (as it got them away from the wives for a few hours) but they soon discovered that they couldn’t fill a show with one trick, and so with a few padlocks, a length of chain and whatever they could scrounge together an escapology act was soon born. As they went on they added some homemade tricks from ideas which they picked up from their friends, they were soon performing at galas and fetes all over the country and they could often be heard on the television and seen on the radio. They were soon developing bigger and better tricks, (which became the basis of Masquerade’s show today)

During the early nineties they reached their peak performing in France and at all the largest Folk Festivals in the Country.  It soon became evident that they had gone as far as they could and on August Bank holiday 1993 at Crich Tramway Museum they reached the end of the line, and decided to call it a day.

During their career they performed in front of The Prince of Wales, Duke of York, Queen Victoria and a lot of other pubs in England.

Spire & Steel